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Tiger Woods and

In a promotion stunt, the adultery web site sent padraig harrington a contract which granted him $5 million for «advertisement, recommendation, purchase and marketing» of their dating internet site.

At this stage with time, padraig harrington now has a fourth alleged mistress which could generate him a perfect front man for infidelity dating site. I have a sense, that this $1 billion-dollar sporting events figure would not actually think about such an offer. ????

Severely though, Ashley Madison didn’t let this marketing possibility that padraig harrington presented them go to waste. They granted padraig harrington an agreement which they understood, he’d refuse. By connected themselves with all the hottest development topic associated with few days, month and perhaps also the 12 months, obtained an abundance of cost-free intercontinental hit.

For more in the tale, look at the New York day-to-day Information.

Up-date: (2009-12-08) – Tiger Woods now has 10 alleged mistresses.